Faculty of Information Technology

Department Brief

The University has introduced a new Bachelor program in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence which aims to achieve the University desire to continue its pioneering role in the field of specialized education and to prepare qualified cadres in the field of information technology at various levels to meet the needs of the Jordanian and regional markets. Introducing the program came after studying the reality of the local and global markets, in addition to soliciting the opinion of private sector institutions and the opinions of faculty members with academic and scientific experience in similar research fields. Based on the above, it has become evident that there is an urgent need to introduce such a program to supply the local and regional labor markets with graduates who have knowledge of the principles and fundamentals of Data, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Sciences. This program brings together two main areas of computing, data and artificial intelligence sciences, in an integrative fashion. Data and Artificial Intelligence Sciences are two integrated fields of smart systems, whereby Data Science focuses on statistical techniques and where by Artificial Intelligence Science concentrates on smart algorithms. Data and Artificial Intelligence Sciences are among the most attractive jobs in the twenty-first century. There is an urgent need to fill the deficiency in order to achieve success for the work of institutions in all economic, health, educational, cultural and other sectors. This need was manifested in the urgent need to exploit big data of all kinds in light of the fourth industrial revolution. It is worth mentioning that jobs of Data and Artificial Intelligence Sciences are among the best paid jobs in the IT sector locally, regionally and globally. The Data and Artificial Intelligence Science program qualify students and provide them with general skills in the computer world, data science skills, and smart analytics skills that are widely applicable in different fields to work in a variety of jobs. These diverse jobs include working in the technology, communications, pharmaceutical industries, and financial services sectors, specially the fields of e-commerce, commercial and industrial consulting, operations research, marketing, and scientific research. The student may also pursue his/her studies to obtain the M.A and PhD degrees in related specializations. In addition to this, there is a need for Data Science specialists to work in mathematical and political analyses and data analysis for platforms and social media. This can be done by developing and building algorithms and models for data analysis and extracting knowledge from them to interpret the past and the present and predict the future.