Faculty of Information Technology


Provision of education in a creative environment that pace with new developments in the field of software engineering and stimulating scientific research, while meeting quality assurance standards and the requirements of local and global academic accreditation criteria to guarantee high quality output consistent with the ever increasing competencies needed by markets, and to promote cooperation with the local community.


Our graduates are expected to attain the following program educational objectives:

PEO-1. Acquire essential skills and competencies in software engineering that make them capable of analyzing, designing and developing high-quality software solutions in various application domains under distinctive and realistic requirements.

PEO-2. Engage and succeed in their professional life through teamwork, ethical behavior and effective communication.

PEO-3. Demonstrate understanding of the importance of professionalism and ethical responsibility at work.

PEO-4. Demonstrate understanding of life-long learning and realizing its importance through professional development, practical training as well as professional certification.

PEO-5. Occupy influential roles and positions in their organizations and communities.

Core Values

  • Excellence: Continuous ambition for achieving academic and professional excellence in the specialization
  • Ethics: Commitment to work ethics and preserving intellectual property rights
  • Teamwork: Promoting teamwork to achieve the team goals
  • Leadership: Take advantage of the capabilities of individual team members wherever possible.
  • Integrity: Promoting the values of individual and institutional integrity
  • Creativity: Implementing and developing work in outstanding and genuine approach.
  • Social responsibility: Interacting positively with the community and contributing to enrich cooperation values amongst its members.