Faculty of Information Technology


The Information Technology College aimed to equipped its laboratories by devices with a supreme specification, systems and technologies which controlled by trained and qualified Lab supervisors in order to offering assistance on practical training and necessary courses for students that develop their skills to keep them up with recent technologies challenges and superiority in their various studying fields.

Eight laboratories have been equipped in IT College with topmost specifications devices are updated periodically. As well, a set of operation systems are installed such as (Ubuntu and Windows 10) and versatile software, which fulfill (achieve) the college students’ needs in order to (to realize) developing their programming skills, to qualify them against the labor market (employment) difficulties. The laboratories capacity range is 25 to 40 devices to accommodate the sufficient AAU students in general and IT students in particularly.

The laboratories are connected to the Internet through a leased line. The main devices (servers) have been developed to provide large storage capacity for each student, where the student’s daily work is stored continuously. In addition, providing the files access from anywhere various faculty laboratories.