Faculty of Information Technology

Program Brief

Faculty: Information Technology

Award: Bacholar Degree

Number of Credit Hours: 132

The Bachelor Program in Computer Science aims to meet the growing needs locally, regionally and globally of qualified labor in the disciplines of computer science and its applications. This is done through the use of practical teaching and training methods that are subject to improvement, development and reimbursement to keep up to date with the latest scientific and technical developments. About the Program About The student begins with core courses, which are common to all disciplines and have been carefully chosen and designed to be a solid foundation for the student. These include, in addition to basic mathematics, the Introduction to Programming, Systems Analysis and Design, Databases, Operating Systems, Internet Applications Development, Mobile Applications Development, Computer Networks, Cybersecurity and Data Science, as well as the Graduation Project and Practical Training. These courses also include practical laboratories that provide students with the necessary practical skills.