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Prof. Dr. Qasem Kharma


Since the establishment of Faculty of Information Technology at Al-Ahliyya Amman University in year 2001, we as administration have put for us a target related to providing a quality education for our students that will put them in a leading position in the job market. We made sure to bridge the gap between their technical background, theoretical and practical knowledge, and technical and professional skills and the job market’s requirements. The provided education intends to match the changing and evolving nature of the market, given that the IT field is changing and evolving tremendously and rapidly; so the ability to coop with the changes, accommodate the newly emerging requirements, ability to self based learning and critical thinking skills are among the distinctive features we ensure to equip our graduates with. In addition to all of those mentioned, we make sure that our curriculum plans are in sync with the local standards’ requirements and based on the international accreditation requirements as put by the ACM/IEEE; we emphasized on practical and applied methodologies as in labs and projects, we enriched the team work spirit, we nourish the personality skills from all aspects starting with the communication and presentation skills; in addition to IT field ethics to ensure building integrity, transparency and ethical values necessary for professional attitudes in the domain and in the job market. We also capitalize on self learning and critical thinking skills and make sure that our graduates are ready to go through all the stages of learning in their career and to be ready for a Life Long Learning path; including the ability to peruse their graduate studies for those who like to take that direction. We observed all those values and features in all majors that we offer, keeping an eye on the specific differences and characteristics that are available in each of those majors. The faculty of Information Technology consists of four academic departments: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Networks and Cybersecurity and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The faculty currently offers Bachelor of Science degrees in four different majors: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Network and Cybersecurity (this program is accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology - ABET), and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The faculty of Information Technology is staffed with a high class, excellent, highly qualified faculty members who are distinguished and have many achievements in their domain of expertise, all are graduates of reputed and respected universities from all over the world coming from the united States of America, United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East universities from majors and specific knowledge domains that spans all domains needed in the various majors offered by the faculty. Some of them have also consultancy and practical expertise in the field, blending the theoretical background, with the practical real life expertise producing a unique professional team that will direct their knowledge to equip the students with such a unique education based on best practices and state of the art technology. All of the procedures and operations in the faculty are governed with a rigorous, sound and proven quality assurance system that leads to a proper total quality management for the whole education development process. The learning outcomes of the various majors including all offered courses are linked with key performance indicators to ensure the continuous monitoring of the outcomes and eventually improving and enhancing to always maintain a top quality programs. Scientific research is always encouraged among the faculty members, and also this is passed to our students, we also participate and contribute to the e-learning content development project currently undertaken by the university; we are among the heavily involved faculties in the project. We are also in continuous development for our courses, majors and knowledge areas for our students and faculty members.

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